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Tooth Extractions in Hampden CO

Crowding, decay, and infection are all reasons a tooth may require extraction. Here at the top-rated dental clinic, Hampden Dentistry & Orthodontics, we assure each patient the most compassionate, calm extraction experience possible. We provide patients with the appropriate anesthesia for maximum pain relief in accordance with the type of extraction performed.

Preparing for an Extraction

A thorough oral exam including X-rays of the tooth in question will be performed so that the dentist can make the best recommendation for treatment. Once your extraction is scheduled, we ask that you do not smoke prior to or after the procedure. If you have any health issues, we must know prior to your extraction procedure.


What to Expect

Simple extractions are typically performed using a local anesthetic to completely numb the extraction site. While patients do feel gentle pressure during the procedure, they do not feel any pain. For a surgical extraction, such as the removal of wisdom teeth, local and general anesthesia are used to ensure patient comfort during this more involved procedure.


After Extraction

The recovery period from a simple extraction is usually a few days. For a more involved surgical extraction, recovery is slightly longer. After either type of extraction, the patient must avoid drinking through a straw and smoking. This allows the necessary blood clot to form at the extraction site. The blood clot is essential for proper healing. Using a straw or smoking can dislodge the clot. Detailed aftercare instructions are provided at the time of extraction and all questions are answered so that patients have a full understanding of the process, healing, and proper care of the extraction site.

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