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Dr. Stephanie Bosshard and Dr. Eunice Lee Take Extreme Pride in Preventing Dental Problems for Good Health and a Bright Smile

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Most of our patients agree that severe tooth pain is one of the most excruciating types of pain that they experience. Preventing tooth problems with regular dental visits and excellent dental hygiene helps stop tooth pain before it starts.

Dr. Stephanie Bosshard and Dr. Eunice Lee provide our patients with excellent dental care. Our office is dedicated to making each of our patient’s visits a great experience through gentle care and outstanding customer service. Our preventative dental team prides itself in helping our patients brighten their smiles and stay healthy with proper dental care and education.

Good Dental Hygiene and Good Health

Your smile is one of the first things that others notice about you. Having a confident, healthy smile and good breath helps boost our patient’s self-esteem and promotes good mental health.

A healthy smile isn’t just important for your looks and confidence, however. It may also help prevent serious health problems. Poor dental hygiene and dental problems, such as gingivitis, have been linked to cardiovascular and kidney disease. Brushing and flossing regularly and seeing a dentist at least twice a year helps prevent serious dental problems that may cause poor health.

It Starts at the Beginning

A lifetime of good dental health begins when children are small. Many people believe that their child doesn’t have to go to the dentist until they are four or five years old. Your child should see a dentist as soon as they get their first tooth. Bringing your child early and often to the dentist makes them more comfortable with us and helps prevent cavities.

Our family dentistry office sees children of all ages. During each visit, we will make your child comfortable and carefully clean their teeth. Our hygienists are well-trained in teaching children about caring for their teeth and making each visit a positive experience.

Dr. Stephanie Bosshard will then examine your child’s mouth, looking for potential dental problems, such as dental decay or gum issues. We offer sealants to children to prevent dental decay. When your child is ready to get braces, Dr. Eunice Lee will help them get a straight, beautiful smile.

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Caring for Adults

Work, school, and busy family schedules often cause adults to neglect regular dental care until tooth pain presents. We understand how busy life can be, but taking the time to visit our office regularly is one of the most important ways you can exercise self-care.

If it’s been a while since you have been to the dentist, we offer deep cleanings to get your mouth looking and feeling its best. We strive to make each patient comfortable before beginning your exam and try to make the experience worry-free by answering any questions you may have about dental services that Dr. Bosshard or Dr. Lee recommend.

Don’t put off caring for your mouth and put your health in jeopardy. Call our friendly staff at Hampden Dentistry & Orthodontics today to let us get started on getting you the healthy smile that you deserve.

Dr. Eunice Lee is the owner of Hampden Dentistry & Orthodontics and has been practicing since 1994. As a board-certified orthodontist, she prides herself in giving her patients a straight smile for confidence and good overall health. Her daughter, Dr. Stephanie Bosshard, followed her mother’s footsteps by receiving her Doctor of Dental Surgery. She strives to provide patient-centered, gentle dental care to each of her patients.

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