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Many people across the globe suffer from severe teeth decay, biting issues, missing teeth, or even bite misalignment. Some people are not comfortable with their smile in public as well. There are many causes of teeth structural damage, which sometimes requires full-mouth restoration. Full Mouth Restoration is the complete rehabilitation of a full set of your teeth. The main aim of this process is to bring back your confidence and oral health. Below are four essential things you need to know about full-mouth restoration. Learn more here about the cost of cosmetic dental services.

The Dentist Has To Do a Lot of Jawbone Tests

The doctors or a dentist has to perform various tests on the jawbone before giving you full-mouth restoration. An evaluation of the patient’s dental records is also necessary to understand the condition of the jawbone of the patient.

There is also a need to take pictures of the patient’s upper and lower jaw, X-rays to establish any dental condition of the patient. All the evaluation assists the specialist to customize the treatment plan for any given patient. The Dentist will also be to recommend the right dental care and go over any risks.

Full Mouth Restoration Involves Many Procedures

From its name, the procedure is comprehensive and involves several processes within it. There exist many dental products and methods which the doctor could suggest for your treatment. These include Single Teeth Implants, Dental Crowns, Invisalign, or even all-on-4. Dental crowns involve crowns commonly used immediately after root canal treatment.

They are ideal in strengthening, restoring, and giving your damaged teeth an incredible structure. Single teeth Implants are the little implants used to replace missing teeth. They function, feel, look, and are designed like real human teeth. The all-on-4 products are used primarily on patients who experience severe damages to their mouths. On the other side, Invisalign is mostly like braces. They are removable, and they may appear invisible once you wear them.

Full Mouth Restoration Is Sometimes Costly

A full mouth restoration can cost many dollars in the United States. In the US, many single implant procedures require more than two thousand dollars on average. As insurance may cover some costs, some people may need to pay half of the total cost of this process on their own. Some people ask for donations from families, friends, or even their leaders to cover such costs. Other people may not be lucky to be in a position to finance such a procedure.

The Treatment Does Not Start Right Away

The full mouth restoration process is a lengthy one. Upon starting, the patient undergoes several small segments before getting to the primary treatment process. Before beginning the procedure, the doctor has to be 100% sure that everything will go as planned. Understanding the pre-treatment procedures is paramount for any specialist who wants to deliver incredible treatment services to their clients.

Final Word

If you are experiencing jaw pain, teeth decay, cracked or fractured teeth, or gum diseases, there is a need to talk to a right dentist who understands full-mouth restoration treatment comprehensively. The process is not a one-day-treatment and is mostly done invasive to preserve your natural teeth. Get a proficient dentist and give yourself a fantastic smile you deserve without comprising your dental health.

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