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When a person is thinking of seeing a new dentist there are some questions they should ask the dentist to make sure they are a good match. These are some questions that a person should ask a dentist before they decide to develop a medical relationship with them. Contact Hampden Dentistry & Orthodontics to learn more about there practice

Length of Practice

A person should ask a dentist how long they have been in practice. A dentist that is in private practice often has worked at another dental firm during their career. It is important to know how long the dentist has been in their profession and their reputation for patient care.

Sedation Methods

People are afraid to visit the dentist. They are afraid that something is going to hurt and that they will leave the dental office in pain. A person should ask the dentist what types of relaxation methods they use. Some dentists will talk to the patient while others may use numbing agents on a person that is very afraid. This is something that needs to be discussed before any procedures are done.

Types of Patients

When a person is visiting the dentist they should find out the types of patients that they work with. Some dentists will work only with adults. If a person wants their child to be seen they need to ask the dentist if they work with children. Some dentists will work with adults or children with special needs. This is information that needs to be asked before scheduling an appointment.


Like many other fields, the dental field is improving due to advances in technology. A person should ask the dentist and the types of technology that they use and how they stay up to date on the latest developments. With advances in technology, the dental procedures become less invasive so this is something that most patients want to know.

Continuing Education

Like with the advances in technology a person should ask the dentist how they stay current with the latest dental advances and technology. This again could mean less invasive procedures and less pain for the patient.


A person needs to make sure the dentist they are visiting is open when they are free. They should ask about the hours. This way a person will be able to get dental care after work or take their children to the dentist after school.

Payment Plans

It is important to ask about what types of insurance the dental office accepts and any co-pays. If a person does not have dental insurance they should ask if the office accepts payment plans and how much money is needed upfront. Dental bills can get to be high rather quickly and a person must be able to get the care that they need at an affordable price. Learn more here about dental insurance.

These are some of the questions that a person should ask their dentists. They need to develop a trusting relationship with the dentist and should ask about their experience and the types of patients they are willing to work with.

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