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The Denver Botanical Gardens

The Denver Botanical Gardens

Reaching more than 24 beautiful acres, Denver Botanic Gardens at York Street presents a wide range of gardens and collections that illustrate an ever-widening diversity of plants from across the world. Quaint gardens define and celebrate our Western ways and a unique high altitude climate and amazing geography. 

Visitors of Mordecai Children’s Garden located within the Botanical Gardens may not realize that they are actually going into an interesting rooftop garden when they pass through the cavern that opens to a phenomenal view at Denver Botanic Gardens, near the Tour of Molly Brown Haunted House.

For those who are fortunate enough to work in such a place like the Denver Botanical Gardens that is impressive and colorful, they will truly have a fun and motivating place of work. The garden, as resplendent as it is, is only just one of the interesting places to visit in the area. The staff and volunteers at the Denver Gardens can make many people smile various times every single day, especially the people in the Children’s Garden. 

The Denver Botanical Garden welcomes visitors from all over the world with a pop of vibrant colors from beautiful perennials, cold prickly cactus, and pretty green shrubs. The team from Hampden Dentistry & Orthodontics love visiting and seeing all the beautiful flowers. The special garden is purposely styled and designed to allure various birds and different pollinators such as bees. Plants known as Plant Select flourish immensely in this creative and amazing garden, often trialing pretty plants like the manzanitas and other garden plants for the local nursery. This local nursery is known as the Timberline Gardens and is home to many garden plants. The back garden has a multitude of stone “flooring” that is mixed with phenomenal dahlias, heavenly Agapanthus plants, and also a tropical banana tree! These create a very interesting conversation with the planted gamble oak forest which later manifests beside a classy plant known as the Quercus buckleyi. It won’t be long before veggies for consuming appear distinctly in the garden along with shade for outdoor dining.

It is a flagstone pathway that is shielded by small rock gardens that invite guests from different areas of the world. The classy moss rock boulders and tiny stones which design pockets for planting that look heavenly natural and authentic. Gorgeous sunshine perennials quickly fill the gardens and sedum and hens abound throughout. Authentic, colorful and inspiring is the atmosphere. The small backyard that was once full of a basketball court is now home to a soothing waterfall, rock gardens, and various container gardens that offer drama and jazz throughout the season. Believe it or not, it has been known as a secret garden by some.

Just located along the famous Highline Canal, the suburban Walker Garden has a soft country feel. The Walker Garden is balanced by a little meadow and peaceful pond helping thriving wildlife, habitat, and plantings that have been chosen to invite birds, bees, and various wildlife, yet also suited to the distinct Colorado weather. Who wouldn’t want to visit such a romantic, colorful, and inspiring place such as the Denver Botanical Gardens? With everything the Garden has to offer visitors, this is definitely a place to bring the whole family. A place of beauty, style, and creativity defines the Denver Botanical Gardens. This beautiful garden is a very gorgeous celebration of Father God’s distinct design, style, and intricate creation when He created the whole world.

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